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This Book Has:

  • Zombies

  • Action Scenes

  • Appropriate Gore

  • Mystery Characters

  • Strong Plot

  • Intriguing Antagonists

  • Dangerous people

  • Twists & Turns

  • Strong Female Protagonists

  • Formidable Adversaries

  • Car Chases

  • Suspense

  • Humor

  • Lovable Characters

  • Zombies that can regenerate

  • Continuing story line



Set in a dystopian backdrop during an early zombie apocalypse.

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This book is about a woman who dies and wakes up as a mutated zombie. Unlike the other zombies, the virus strain she has heals and regenerates tissue back to its default state. In order for the virus to stay alive, she must eat human flesh at least once every three days or the virus inside her will stop working. When that happens, her skin and body functions break down quickly, reverting to a zombie-like state. There's just one problem though, this woman still thinks she's alive and that she never died. This book will explore what it's like to be a self-aware zombie who looks and acts normal, but has to survive not only the other zombies, but other humans in a law-less land where anything can happen.





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