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I grew up in San Antonio, Texas as a latch-key kid while my single mom worked several jobs. Needless to say, I had a lot of time alone to myself to let my imagination run wild. I would explore the woods and imagine that I'm in pre-historic jungles.

I grew up reading books (and comic books) - some of my favorites were The Bridge To Terabithia and Island of the blue dolphins. Later on in life, I discovered Anne Rice and fell in love with her writing.


However, I don't know where my style has evolved. When I write, I write as if you're seeing it in the theaters (a goal I hope someday to see in real life.)

I also like to lead you down on direction and then completely turn you around so you won't see what's coming. Books are fun and should be entertaining. My goal is to do that and make sure you don't figure it out until the end. (Otherwise, where's the fun in that?)
In 2001, I discovered paranormal investigating and dedicated the next fifteen years to studying it. People would contact me with reports of paranormal activity in their homes and would invite me in to witness it. Let's just say that I've seen and experienced things that only Hollywood can dream about.

So with over a decades worth of emails - I decided to publish those emails (minus the incriminating details) and to this day, it still continues to be my best seller.

It wasn't till 2009 when Amazon knocked down the publishing wall that kept authors like me from reaching readers like you. Three years later I published my first book Anica Storm and The Wand of Time. It's a book about a young woman who inherits magical powers she wasn't meant to have.

That book was where I truly let my imagination free and for those of you who have read it, you'll know what I'm talking about. Around the same time I finished that book, a series on AMC called The Walking Dead fascinated me. It wasn't so much about the zombies, but how people survived in a post apocalyptic world. That's where I drew my inspiration for both my zombie novels - Self Aware. However, I added a little twist to the story and developed two strong female leads that are trying to survive in a world that's out to kill them.

My next goal is an exciting one. It's to write a modern day race-to-space novel with four main characters, instead of the two or three you're used to. I've been researching all kinds of science stuff to make the book as realistic and believable as possible.

I'm also excited that this book will penetrate farther into the book world than the others because it's a genre a lot of people read. In the next ten years, people are going to be all about Mars and going into space and I think I can write a book that will still hold its own years down the road.

I appreciate you guys reading my books and allowing me to tell you a story. Someone once told me "Readers need writers, and writers need readers." Without each other, where would we be? So Thank you!

Steven W.



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