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March 23rd, 2020:


Hello dear readers and viewers, It's been a while since I last posted. Not only have I lost my mom, I've also lost my father right before Christmas - 2019. On top of that, at the beginning of the year, I've moved into a house - so I've been busy trying to make it a home. Throw on top of that the covid-19 virus and well... it's been chaotic. I haven't been writing as much as I'd like to and I've been trying to launch my youtube channel so yours truly has been swamped. I hope you and your family are hanging in there. Please do your part - stay physically apart but socially together online. I'll try to focus on getting more content out while being at home. I'll post more later but for now, keep your chin up. We will get through this together.

May 22nd, 2019:

Hello my dear readers, as you can see I've taken a break from writing/updating this site. It was a much needed break as lots of things have happened in my world, including a loss of my mom. I am back and I'm working towards making a full time career by becoming a Youtuber and content creator. I am a story teller at heart and making videos along with writing books is my passion and I'm excited for this new chapter in my life. I hope you will join me and see how far down this rabbit hole goes. There's so much to see and do and I want to give back to the world. Will you join me?

June 25th, 2017:

Happy Leon Day (Leon is Noel spelled backwards) - Today is the six month count down to Christmas! LOL - I know - cringe. I actually like Christmas but that's another story. I'm happy to report that I've added excerpts of my books for people to read and see - so they get an idea what my writing style is like. I've added links to scenes so people can get a taste of action, drama, or feel the emotional heart strings that are pulled by careful writing. My latest book - The First Ones There is slowly chugging along - but none-the-less it's getting there. One of the hardest thing ALL writers face - is sitting down and writing. We all have 24 hours in a day, and we all live lives. To really force yourself to sit down and write is a challenge few can master. That's why 95% of most people want to write a book, but only 5% really do. As always, I'm appreciative of all of you who read my books and support your author. It's my honor to write a story and make you laugh, cry, cringe, and/or gasp with every turn of the page. Thanks for reading my words.  :-)

April 5th, 2017:

Hey everyone - it's been a while and lots has happened since we last talked. I'm out of the hospital and slowly recovering. Thank you all for the love, support, and well wishes you've sent. I'm currently working on my sci-fi novel The First Ones There and it's coming along nicely. I've got a lot of time on my hands lately and I'm trying to complete my book before the end of this year. I'm really excited for it and you should be too. It's going to appeal to a wider audience and hopefully it'll become a best seller. Every writer hopes their words and efforts will go a long ways and one can only hope. Thanks for everything - I appreciate all of your support. Until next time ...  :-)

October 31st, 2016:

Happy Halloween! After two years - it's finally here - the sequel to the best seller - Self Aware (A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist!) is now here! Self Aware - Revenge Of The Fallen (Book 2) is now available on! As my way of thanking you - my readers - tomorrow (Nov 1st) it will be priced FREE on as my way of saying Thanks for being a fan of my books. Two long years... and it's finally here. Enjoy it my dear readers, I made it with you in mind! :-)

October 16th, 2016:

Happy to report two things. Self Aware (Revenge of the Fallen) Book 2 - will be coming out this Halloween (two months ahead of schedule) and writing will begin on my next book called The First Ones There (A Science Fiction Thriller) that's set in the not to distant future. I'm keeping the concept under wraps because as far as I can tell - this is an original idea and on concept alone - it promises to intrigue a lot of people who like space, and science fiction. The cover is made and can been seen in the Pipeline section above. As always, thanks for being a fan of my work and don't forget to leave a review if you enjoyed my writing.

August 7th, 2016:

Great news Self Aware lovers - Self Aware 2: Revenge of the Fallen is written out - start to finish. The story is told, now I just have to transcribe the parts written on paper into a digital format. Once that's done - I'll do a proof read and then submit it to an editor. If all goes well - and it's looking like it should - Self Aware 2 should be out before Christmas 2016!!! Stay tuned!

September 1st, 2015:

Hey everyone, long time no hear. I've been busy with work, life, and writing. I'm writing a sequel to my first zombie book - Self Aware, and I am recording an audio book of the first one (Self Aware - A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist!) using my voice acting skills. That's right, yours truly will voice a lot of different characters you like! It's fun to do, and I can't wait to give you guys a sample.

Please continue sending the fan mail and letting me know which books you like, ask any questions you have about the books or world they inhabit and I'll continue to reply back. It's inspiring, encouraging and wonderful to get feedback from those who enjoy my work.

For all those patiently waiting for the next book to come out - thank you! I am doing my best to give you the same (if not better) quality you've come to expect. Hang in there!  :-)

February 4th, 2015:

Not sure yet if I'm going to be able to sell completely from my website, thanks to the Value Added Tax (VAT) that the EU (European Union) imposed on January 1st. Basically what it means is if someone in Europe buys my book on my website, I need to charge whatever VAT tax is from what country that person is in (each country has a certain tax amount), plus I need to pay the EU that VAT tax AND I need to keep that record on file for 10 years. UGH.... it's proving to be more trouble than its worth. For now, I'm trying to figure out a solution, but you still can buy my books from the usual places you always do. (Smashwords & Amazon) I'll keep you posted.

January 21st, 2015:

If you noticed, the website has been tweaked. It's finally the way I wanted it, it's just taken a while to get it this way. To me, it's cleaner, easier to load and quick to the point - which is important in this day and age. People want something when they visit a website. It's either to learn more about their favorite author, learn about when the next book is coming, or they are looking to buy and read the next installment now! LOL Whatever the reason you're here, you should be able to find what you're looking for.  :-)

January 8th, 2015:

I'm happy to report those who are reading Self-Aware are really enjoying it. As a writer, you never know how a book will be received until after it's written and released to the world. Originally the book was completed after one year, but it was rewritten after learning how to take my writing to a whole new level. Once I did, I couldn't believe I wrote the first draft, so I pounded away for all of 2014 until it was just right. Since everyone is asking me where is book 2, I'm already working on it. (This is a good sign!) Anyways, I hope you guys have a great year and thank you for letting me be a part of it.

December 3rd, 2014:

Hi everyone, here's the latest news: Self-Aware (A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist!) is done with the polishing stage. It's moving onto the beta readers who will have their first crack at it. They are the ones who usually spot things I might have otherwise missed, so I can tweak or clarify anything prior to launching the book.

When am I launching the book? I'm thinking of releasing Self-Aware around the week of December 25th AND I'm going to have it available on the Kindle Unlimited Program so you guys can read it for FREE.  :-)

I hope you guys have a great month of December. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and everything else you celebrate. Thank you for being fans of my books and for supporting my dream of writing.

November 22nd, 2014:

Coming January 2015 you guys will be able to support your favorite author by buying directly from this website!

100% (vs. 35%) of the book proceeds will go directly to me instead of the commission I pay, for using other services like Amazon, Smashwords, Etc.

This way you can feel good about yourself by supporting an indie author. Of course, your payment/info will be taken care of securely through PAYPAL so it's a win/win for everyone.  :-)

October 31st, 2014:

Just a quick FYI: Self-Aware (A Zombie Series With A Fresh Twist) will be released in multiple formats, including an audio book read by yours truly. For the first 90 days, it will be exclusive to Amazon and on the KDP/Kindle Unlimited Program. After the 91st day, It will be released via Smashwords, Google Play and found on Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and other sites.  :-)

July 16th, 2014:

Great news! Early reviews are in and people who are reading Self-Aware (A Zombie Series with a Twist!) are loving it! That's exciting to know and it'll be more exciting after I release it as an audio book too! I'll be reading it and it will go up on sale on and other websites. Self-Aware is scheduled to be released in December 2014 (or sooner) so be on the look out.  

June 24th, 2014:

Sorry it's been a while since I've posted. My personal life has been going through a lot of transitions, most of them good at home and at work. I have a new job and I'm trying to find my new "norm" -- when I can write. At my old job I was able to write at work in the wee hours of the morning, for several hours, five days a week. It was nice. The job sucked but the opportunity to write was its saving grace. Just recently I switched over to working 4 ten hour shifts which gives me three days to write/edit. I've said this before and it still holds true... the hardest thing about being a writer is making yourself sit down and do it. There are so many distractions, so many things that can pull you away... you have to push that much harder to focus and do what you need to do. That's what I've been working on... finding my new norm so I can overcome these challenges and distractions so I can do what I love... write. As I mentioned, Self-Aware (A Zombie Series with a fresh twist!) is in the polishing phase. I hope to get it released soon, but it might take longer than I thought. I want this to be the best book I've ever written. I'm writing it so I can also read it and make it into an audio book (for you audiobook lovers out there) that flows when I read it. When I wrote Anica Storm & The Wand of Time, I was new at writing. Now, I've learned so much that what I will be releasing is something I'm really proud of. My goal is for you to enjoy it and make you want to tell your friends and family "Hey, check this out." Who knows, maybe some producer out there might like this and want to make a series or movie out of it. Either way, I'm having a blast with this book and I can't wait to share it with you. When?


March 30th, 2014:

In early 2013 I begun writting a Zombie series that I'm happy to announce is almost done. I'm in the final stages of getting it ready for launch and the timing couldn't be better.

Thanks to the Walking Dead show on AMC, interest in the Zombie genre is at an all time high. If I need to take longer finishing it, I will because I've invested so much time and effort into this book that I don't want to release it if it's not to my satisfaction.

So much has gone into the character development, the story structure, the Zombies, you name it. Now that I've got a few years under my belt as a writer, you can expect better story telling with a few pleasant surprises. I'm excited and I can't wait to bring it to you. Check back often for more updates! 

October 22nd, 2013:

Those who have been following me on Twitter and Facebook may have heard that the last few months have been crazy with an Ultimate Road Trip that spanned seven states over two weeks.

While great, I came back and got a nasty illness that kicked my butt! After almost two weeks of strong medications (and a $1700 bill later), I believe I'm almost back to my former self.

These two major events  have delayed my writing so I apologize for any inconvenience that may have caused. I'm still working on Self-Aware (A Zombie Series) that promises to be very entertaining with a fresh twist to the classic  Zombie stuff we all love.

I've poured a lot of love into it and the early reviewers are loving it. Hopefully I'll have something to show you soon. If I don't talk to you then, have a safe & fun Halloween. Check the Free Stuff link above for a free ebook from me!  :-)

July 18th, 2013:

Added photos to the About Me section of the website to give people a snapshot of the things I've done in my lifetime and to break up the bland blocks of text. Also fixed a few glitches found on a few of the web pages.

July 8th, 2013:

Added the means to successfully subscribe (and unsubscribe) to my news letter so you guys can stay in touch with me and find out when new books are available, some free, some at discounted prices. Also added a Free Stuff button for people who are interested in doing a Free Book For Review program. Basically, you pick any ONE of my books that you want to read. You promise that in 30 days or less, you will leave an honest review on Amazon under that books name. Simple as that! I'm hopeful many people will sign up for this because this is a win/win for everyone.  :-)

- Steven Wolff

June 14th, 2013:

I'm happy to report that finally, a new and improved website is just around the corner and will be reflective of the changes that are taking place in my life as an author.

This newer site will be more personable, more reflective of who I am and my goal is to make you the reader feel welcome here because you are. It's because of you that my dream is coming true and I want to give back to you for allowing me to come into your life to tell you a story.

Lots of exciting and good changes are coming and I can't wait to show you the new site but for now you will just have to wait until the little book elves finish their work.  LOL

- Steven Wolff



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